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Hello everyone
You've reached my icon journal! It is for public use. Feel free to friend me for updates. All I ask is that you comment and credit when you take my icons.

Go to my community: 100tv_icons

Credit and comment please. I like the mail :)

Photobucket <- made by jessicabeth

HP screencaps come from: http://veritaserum.com, http://the-leaky-cauldron.org, http://mugglenet.com
Most movie screencaps are from either: http://stripedwall.com, http://screenmusings.org, http://homeofthenutty.com, http://leavemethewhite.com, http://magicalscreencaps.com, & http://screencap-paradise.com
TV screencaps from http://screencaps.org, http://black-celebration.net/caps, & http://friendscafe.org
Narnia screencaps are from: http://spareoom.net
Fringe & Lost screencaps from DAYDREAMING at http://black-celebration.net/caps
Additional Lost screencaps from http://gallery.lost-media.com/
V screencaps from Emma-Jane at http://disparue.org
All of the instrument and stock pictures come from: http://gettyimages.com or http://picsearch.com

All other caps done by MEEEEEEEE. If you want to use any of my caps - or have questions about where I got stuff from, just let me know!

Brushes/Textures are taken from 99mockingbirds, amethystia100, brittany_xss, cieli, cla22ire, coloured_skies, confettie, cooloring, curtana, dimensiongirl, dustypaper, ecenoci, fallingconfetti, fischstaebchen, francescamarie, freaky_x, happyconfusion7, iconographer, incarnatus, isleofyew, lifeisdolce, miyouri, onlyabreath, panicyo, peak77, rainsong_icons, ranoutofcreativ, sanctuarylight, shadedcolor, sickonfriday, sixtysixheavens, spiritcoda, spooky_window, teh_indy, tiger_tutorials, ultravioleticon, unwritten_icons, velvetb0x, vol4tica, white_lilie

Brushes for my quote icons come from elliptica, curtana, spooky_window, spritcoda (mostly the last one)

Tiny text brushes are from icons_by_mea, isleofyew, lifeisdolce